Which bags to choose for vacation?

The beautiful days are coming, we will be able to enjoy extended weekends and of course holidays. As you will have seen, airports are becoming more crowded and everything has to happen quickly. Whether traveling by car, boat, … or even on horseback – we want to travel light. We select a handbag practical but also Aesthetic. Which means neither too big because too bulky but not too small either. You have to have the essentials … Read More

Collection Majorelle

During my last exchanges many asked me what Majorelle meant, why the collection was called “Majorelle Collection”. Maybe you too are asking yourself the question … so here is a little article to explain it to you. I love to draw handbags, accessories to escape, but my problem is always in color, but I’m not color-blind. I often ask my entourage, but we do not always agree. So it was during my last trip to Marrakech … Read More

Happy New Year 2018

Hello and welcome to all on our new blog LYNE JULINE. First of all, Team LYNE JULINE joins me in wishing you a Happy New Year 2018 filled with good things. It always seems to drool at the beginning of the year with the wishes, but we must admit that we like to receive these messages especially when they are personalized. If our pessimistic little part says “we take the same and we start again” but … Read More

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