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The Perfect Travel Handbag!

To travel is to disrupt your norm, a momentary break of your daily life—to experience new places, scents, colours, people and cultures. However, right before reaping the rewards of that extended weekend or much needed

holiday reset, you need to figure out; what you will pack, how you will optimize convenience when in those long airport lines, how to get your wallet and ticket out without digging through your bottomless handbag, as well as

how you will be able to do this all whilst staying in style.

Lyne Juline’s luxury handbag, Michelle O, has been designed to solve all of your essential carry on and travel squabbles. Being top rated by our customers all over the world, the Michelle O handbag allows you to elegantly

carry everything you need in; organized practicality, efficient compartments, traditional and transitional ease from one compartment to another, perfectly sized so that it is not too bulky and not unrealistically small.

Helping keep your mind at ease and your hands free, the Michelle O handbag; our top travel handbag seller, has been designed and carefully constructed.

You can grab your passport and wallet all-in-one instance, without having to open and reopen your handbag—safely secure your sensitive documents in the back patch pocket, stash away your phone, novel, lip gloss and

accessories in our practical and large compartments.

All this while remaining in luxury style. The perfect handbag to accompany you to a much needed break.