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Which bags to choose for vacation?

The beautiful days are coming, we will be able to enjoy extended weekends and of course holidays.

As you will have seen, airports are becoming more crowded and everything has to happen quickly. Whether traveling by car, boat, … or even on horseback – we want to travel light.

We select a handbag practical but also Aesthetic.

Which means neither too big because too bulky but not too small either. You have to have the essentials to wear.

For this kind of situation I created Michelle O.

I tend to feel uncomfortable as soon as I wait for the person behind me, be it in the queue, at the toll, … and when for example I have to open my purse for take out my wallet, pay, put away the change in my wallet, then the ticket, put away my wallet, close my purse and take what I bought … so hot flashes come back.

So, I created this handbag that allows me to organize everything in order to have everything to hand without opening it.

Thanks to its embossed purse, I can buy a sandwich, a drink or a magazine without opening it. Take out my passport and my ticket at the counter of the cashier without opening my bag. By having my hands free, I can quickly grab my hand luggage and leave this queuing.

You will probably think that the patch pocket on the back of the bag is not secure enough to leave important documents and you are not wrong. Once past the security doors, you can put these documents in the patch pocket that is under the flap of the bag which, it is secure, but again no need to open the bag.

When you are in a safe place, you can open your bag.

A large compartment is designed for your companion, your tablet, or a novel … Accessorized by two pockets for your phone and your glasses and a zipped pocket and more to store pencil, gloss, …

So to conclude because I have a let go, I will simply say that if you want a handbag neither too big, nor too small, practical and can be worn sportwear or chic (without the shoulder strap) the wallet Michelle O is the perfect multi-pocket bag for you ladies.

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