Valentine’s Day is coming. What is the perfect gift to give?

The lovers’ day is the happy day when we affirm our love, when we declare it. We mark this day with a symbolic gift. I will tell you here what the ideal gift is. That gift that always makes you happy. This gift that is an extension of the hand, the shoulder, the hip or the back of the woman. This accessory that all women like to own and always in several copies to live every … Read More

“Moi” by Lyne Juline – The spirit and philosophy of a brand in a bag

I created the “Moi” by Lyne Juline collection because thanks to you, every year the Lyne Juline community grows. In our exchanges, I noticed that few of you know the philosophy of the brand which is “Make it…Just add love”. However, beyond the creations, it is very important to me. It is the fruit of the destiny that life has forged for me.The collection “Me” and its messages are the perfect illustration. This collection of untreated … Read More

The colors

I remember a conversation with a scientist friend about colours. I am not able to explain to you today how colours are created on the spectrum of light waves. No, but I remember that he took the example of the sky and that its blue was born from a certain frequency of waves but that in the end this blue could have been called red. It’s just a question of semantics. I always keep this conversation … Read More

Why is the purse a man’s accessory?

When we go into a leather goods store to give a man a gift, we are always offered the same dark colours. We are looking for a handbag for an elegant and fashion-conscious man, a modern businessman friend, a young father, or a student, and we are always presented with the same models. My friends have confirmed this to me. I made this observation myself and I asked myself this question: why shouldn’t a man have … Read More

“Ludivine”, a stylish leather bag, chic and shock

The bag has always given a woman her identity according to her choices. It gives a clear idea of her approach to fashion in general and accessories in particular. Without this flagship piece, any toilet is incomplete, lacks refinement, and it is a lack of taste and a “fashion faux pas” not to have one with you, whatever the outfit worn. But what exactly is the slasher looking for, understand the multi-casquette? This woman who is, … Read More

A luxurious, elegant, durable and… leather-free handbag? Is this possible?

  As a good fashionista, you have long understood that the handbag is the fashion accessory not to be neglected. Solid, design, well designed … you prefer it in leather (ultra robust material to prefer for a bag that lasts year after year), but here it is: fashion is changing and today you would like to opt for a bag without leather, but which has the same advantages as this material. Which material should you turn … Read More

How do you keep a purse clean?

  Ah, purse servicing… it’s the story of our lives, isn’t it, girls? Handbags are like good friends, they follow us everywhere and know our every secret. Small or big, they are real safes but they never contain enough space to hold all our objects. In fact, we pile them up and damage the bag. Worse still, we even tend to mistreat our bags without realizing it: we put them on the seats of public transport, … Read More

I’ve prepared a selection of handbags for you for the first day of school…

High school students and professionals, this article is made for you! In this new school year, are you planning to be hyperactive, ultra dynamic… in short, to put vitamins in your daily life and give yourself to the max? Great initiative! I encourage you and wish you to succeed in all your projects and, to accompany you, I thought very hard about everything you might need. Your smartphone to always be connected, your daytime cosmetics and … Read More

Which satchel bag to choose to go to class?

The new school year is approaching and with it the desire for renewal… You want to give yourself a new look or simply new fashion accessories to match your outfits. And you particularly want to give yourself a nice school bag for your classes! What size is suitable for your lessons, or even a computer? Is it better to opt for comfort or aesthetics? Don’t blabla between us, I’ll tell you everything.   The satchel handbag, … Read More

The Perfect Travel Handbag!

To travel is to disrupt your norm, a momentary break of your daily life—to experience new places, scents, colours, people and cultures. However, right before reaping the rewards of that extended weekend or much needed holiday reset, you need to figure out; what you will pack, how you will optimize convenience when in those long airport lines, how to get your wallet and ticket out without digging through your bottomless handbag, as well as how you … Read More

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