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How do you keep a purse clean?

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Ah, purse servicing… it’s the story of our lives, isn’t it, girls? Handbags are like good friends, they follow us everywhere and know our every secret.

Small or big, they are real safes but they never contain enough space to hold all our objects. In fact, we pile them up and damage the bag. Worse still, we even tend to mistreat our bags without realizing it: we put them on the seats of public transport, we hang them on the door handles of toilets… And that’s where the problem lies: they contain a lot of bacteria. In short, it’s very difficult to keep them 100% clean. Especially since more than one woman in three never takes the time to clean her purse. And that’s not pretty!

But! It’s never too late to adopt good habits. So, is there a miracle cure for keeping a purse looking its best day after day? How do we avoid the crumbs, dust and useless papers that accumulate over time at the bottom of the bag (and end up getting our stuff dirty)? Let’s just say that there’s no miracle recipe, but just small efforts that, in the long run, will allow you to keep your handbags in good condition for longer. That way, you don’t have to buy new ones too often!

Here are a few tips to keep the inside and outside of your handbag clean. And it’s much more glamorous that way 😉

Rule #1: Invest in a handbag with plenty of storage space

The first factor of soiling is the piling up of our personal belongings in our handbags. Tissues, keys, make-up, papers, money… you see what I’m talking about 😊 Choosing a handbag with many compartments allows you to arrange your belongings by theme: dirty products with dirty products, etc. This way, objects that could accidentally stain or damage others will be well insulated (make-up for example). I even advise you to store them directly in a special plastic or fabric pouch, as this will protect your bag. You can also put the items you need most in accessible pockets so that you can find them easily (your keys for example).


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Rule n°2: Never without my purse hanger.

The bag hanger is a handy little hook that you can take anywhere. It allows you to hang your bag on the edge of a table for example. It is ideal when you go to the restaurant, the toilet, the office or any other place. This way, instead of putting your bag on a dirty floor, it stays clean and hanging wherever you are. This way you avoid dirt and bacteria.

Rule n°3: Beware of dampness

A purse doesn’t like humidity. In case of rain, make sure to protect it with an umbrella or, better still, a transparent rain cover for a bag. You can also opt for a shoulder bag that you can keep with you, rather than a handbag that would be more easily exposed to water drops.

Rule n°4: Remove crumbs and dust regularly

There’s no secret: the corners of handbags are definitely places where crumbs and dust love to lodge. There’s no other solution than to vacuum them up. You can also turn your bag upside down for a while and then shake it out so that any dirt that may have settled at the bottom falls out. Take this opportunity to throw away all the papers that you no longer use (receipts…) and used tissues.

Rule n°5 : Avoid liquids and toxic products

Generally speaking, handbags and liquids do not melt well together. Inside your bag, it’s best to avoid carrying a bottle of water, soda or a toxic liquid such as nail polish. Indeed, it is not uncommon for the bottle or soda bottle to open and let the product spill into the bag. When cleaning outside, it is also best to avoid cleaning with water, especially if your handbag is made of leather. To find out more, I have prepared several videos that explain how to clean your bag properly!

Rule n°6 : A light as a feather bag

It’s not easy to take only the bare necessities with you! However, by making your bag as light as possible, you prolong its life. When your handbag is overloaded, you tend to search for a long time before you can find what you’re looking for, which eventually damages the seams, dirties the inner fabric and allows crumbs to better infiltrate the bottom of the bag.

You see, there’s nothing insurmountable! It’s just a little habit to get into. You will be fully satisfied walking around with a clean, tidy and pleasant handbag. Moreover, by cleaning it regularly, you will extend its life!