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“Moi” by Lyne Juline – The spirit and philosophy of a brand in a bag

I created the “Moi” by Lyne Juline collection because thanks to you, every year
the Lyne Juline community grows.
In our exchanges, I noticed that few of you know the philosophy of the brand which is “Make it…Just add love”. However, beyond the creations, it is very important to me.
It is the fruit of the destiny that life has forged for me.The collection “Me” and its messages are the perfect illustration.

This collection of untreated recyclable burlap bags was created to give strength to those who carry a Lyne Juline bag to be themselves, every day. For some of you I’m sure that’s easy.
But the little girl that I was, with a bad head and a bad body, remembers that when she wanted to be herself, her voice, her body, her expressions were mocked her expressions, where she was associated with the stereotypes of a child from from the suburbs with mixed origins. So, in order to get the least amount of attention possible, she changed her her behavior according to the person she was facing. She was adapting, of course, but too young to understand it, she was fading away, disappeared.

All these changes in behavior made me make choices that were not necessarily mine,
but if it could please others… why not! But time did its work and after the teenage crisis, I began to know myself, to assume myself, to love myself.

It is my life’s journey that I have inscribed in the logo of the Lyne Juline brand.
logo of the Lyne Juline brand. Time passes, subtly. The multiple itineraries and decisions of life intertwine artistic and artistic and symmetrical intertwining. Then one day, we look in the mirror and the story of our possibilities, those which result from our choices live in our heart.

Yes, I have followed paths that have given me experiences, that have allowed me to meet people who have enriched me. I have had positive and sometimes negative experiences. But the latter have taught me to taught me how to fight failures. I followed my goal and no matter what the detours were I never lost sight of it. And I never disappeared, I asserted myself.


Thus, I kept the character traits of my childhood, my adolescence and my crazy youth, but I improved them. and my crazy youth but I improved them. Today I am the way I am. I assume it because I explain it and people understand and accept it. understand and accept it.

It is the speech of the collection “Me”. The dreamy little girl knows how to be realistic to face the present. The wild teenager also knows how to be tender. From an island of youth, I traveled the world and became a citizen.

For the next summer, I will reveal to you that I have gone from being a lunatic to a constant with those I love. Wild and tender, dreamer and realist, citizen of the world are the messages that I carry today on unique and colorful creations according to my enthusiasm and my imagination.

All these traits are those of a free and modern woman who does everything with a pinch of love. a pinch of love, the philosophy “Make it…just add love”. And even for strangers.

These strangers that you have been and that I know now because my creations accompany you. And I want my messages and Lyne Juline’s philosophy to touch you and identify you
among all those who surround us. And then I will be able to write the collection “Me”, that’s you, that’s us.