Lyne Juline is a limited edition leather goods brand. It is a classic blend of timeless elegance and excellence. It is a unique personal expression and exclusive practical designs.

The spirit of the brand comes alive in its logo. Visible arabesques on each handbag weave the complex truths and duality of human choice.
This logo speaks volumes. In the centre is an hourglass, representing the passage of time, mixed with artistic interlacing in a symmetrical movement. They represent the multiple routes and decisions that our lives may experience. The mirror image connects the two sides and the stories of the possible, and turns into a side heart.

From this heart is born Lyne Juline’s philosophy: all life’s choices are made with love and no matter the time, no matter the paths taken, confidence in life comes from self-confidence without fear of one’s actions and without ever complaining.


And so, in 2012, a childhood dream will be transformed into reality by the enthusiasm of a self-taught designer who will follow her creative credo: timeless originality and absolute exclusivity: limited edition. Lyne Juline’s style is timeless, ultra chic, sporty and very clever. It surprises without provoking. It turns a handbag, a satchel, a schoolbag or a clutch into a unique confidential accessory. Each piece of this exclusive style is numbered and has a certificate. The inspiration for each of the models comes from the rich blend of the designer’s Caribbean and Algerian origins, an instinctive mastery of colour harmonies, an emotion, an architectural detail, a curiosity of experience, an open-mindedness to others or a simple act of everyday life.

Each model must go beyond the phenomenon of fashion and become a classic. Each creation must trigger an immediate crush for the person who dresses in a Lyne Juline bag.