Welcome to the brand’s backstage. I reveal here how a collection comes to life..


First of all, inspiration: without it, there is no project. It is the one who gives the starting impulse, it is the one from whom everything comes. I am inspired by those around me, by the people I meet on the corner, by the people I find of remarkable inner or outer beauty.

Then comes the idea: I imagine the future bag you might need during a particular event, during a working day… I tirelessly wonder what functionality, convenience or detail of the bag will really improve your daily life. It could be a question of working on the aesthetics of the bag or on its practicality (adding a pocket in an unexpected place but which will nevertheless be devilishly useful). To my pencils! I draw, erase, try again… until the sketch I was waiting for was born


Then my partners enter the scene. As true adjuvants, they advise me and help me to improve my future collections again and again. With their little fairy fingers, they make prototypes: the future handbags are in full gestation! A few modifications here and there, and we reach excellence: the collection is about to be born, finally!

The leather goods are therefore produced in limited edition, which allows me to check them one by one. A work of ants that is worth the effort, since it is thanks to strict controls that your satisfaction is complete…