“To achieve excellence by relying on the best of everyone.”

Lyne Juline is the brand I created to name the handbags and accessories I design. And this brand is a perfect mix between you and me.

I am firmly convinced that it is through unity that we advance, develop and achieve excellence, which is why my brand is none other than the fruit of an international universe.

Open to the world, I am inspired by men and women from all over the world. Attentive to your lifestyle and needs, I wanted to contribute to the building by creating more than just bags: real travelling companions. Being myself the fruit of several origins, and being more than fond of travel, I wanted each bag to reflect this facet of my history. I then, among other things, married the famous French creativity with Swiss quality, two countries that are dear to me…

The result is up to your expectations and mine: beauty, resistance and practicality are the order of the day, excellence is found in every project.

Welcome to Lyne Juline’s universe, where everyone finds their place, and where you have your own role to play.